Onshore wind power generation asset

  • Project located in Zaporizhia Region on the Sea of Azov
  • Building permit and Grid connection for 500 MW granted in 2015
  • 100 MW additional capacity in permission


Excellent wind + long term feed-in tariff

  • Outstanding wind speeds of over 7.9 m/s at 110m
  • PPA through 2029 with feed-in tariff
  • Political will to improve energy independence and replace ageing and highly polluting existing power-generating plants


Attractive operational synergies

  • Operational excellence achieved by a best - in - class project management & control team
  • Proven technology and service provided by leading turbine manufacturers
  • Synergies from large scale project/ 2nd largest onshore wind park in Europe

Strong financials and risk mitigation

  • Balanced capital structure
  • Substantial risk mitigation