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InCoForum 2018


InCo Forum 2018 International Forum for Integration and Cooperation took place on October 12th, 2018, and was for the third time in Zaporizhia Region.  During the event, economic development tools of consolidated territorial communities were presented, international experience was studied and cooperation between communities and business was promoted.

The event was arranged by Zaporizhia Regional State Administration, Zaporizhia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zaporizhia Regional Development Agency of International Technical Assistance Partnership Project “Partnership for Cities Development” (PLEDDG), Program “U-LEAD with Europe” and Zaporizhia Local Governance Development Centre at UkraineInvest.

This year, the invitees for the discussion were diplomats, representatives of the state authorities, territorial communities, business owners, Ukrainian and foreign investors, top managers, experts, representatives of international technical assistance projects and business associations.  The objective of the forum was to present the economic potential of Zaporizhia Region and investment projects of consolidated territorial communities; to provide possibilities for business to extend bilateral contracts with potential partners by creating platforms for discussion of current foreign economic and investment activity trends.

Eurocape Ukraine was one of the key speaker.