EuroCape in Figures

307 MW


76.4 MW



In instruction

165 GWh / year

Clean power production

49 500 t/year

CO2 Emission mitigation

60 000

Houses supplied with clean energy (excluding the heating system)

Eurocape New Energy Limited

EuroCape New Energy Limited is an independent renewable energy company which aims to develop, construct and operate renewable projects in core European markets. 

Over the last 20 years, we have developed a strong expertise in the wind and solar industries :


  • In Poland, after having built 106MW of projects, we are now focused on the development of several projects representing a total installed capacity of 150MW


  • In Ukraine, we are working with on the development of a 600MW wind project, which will be one of the biggest onshore wind farm in Europe


  • In France, we have developed and built a portfolio of more than 100MW over the last 10 years. Today, EuroCape operates 77MW of wind energy, 3MW of solar energy and has a targeted pipeline of 200MW. 


EuroCape New Energy Limited focuses on the fastest growing energy markets in Europe with stable wind and solar resources, well developed infrastructures and favorable regulations

Wind projects

Solar projects