Eurocape Team


Björn Mummenthey is the Company Director. He is located in EuroCape’s headquarters in Monaco. He has gained extensive international engineering and management experience in all aspects of the wind energy industry over the past 15 years. Prior to joining EuroCape, he held several senior management positions at Nordex SE. These included International Sales and Project Support and Head of Service Europe, where he was responsible for over 160 employees. He has successfully participated in the development, construction and operation of several thousand MWs of installed and operating wind energy projects in Europe and Asia.

Qualifications: Engineering (Germany)
Languages: German, English, French

Aurélie Bencharel is the Head of EuroCape’s Wind and Power activities. She is based in EuroCape’s office in Monaco. Aurelie has substantial technical experience in the renewable energy industry. She boasts an extensive knowledge of Wind Turbine benchmarking, micro-siting, project optimization, energy yield assessments and coordination with consultants after having spent eight years in the industry. As of today Aurelie’s team has managed the energy yield analysis of nearly 4,000MW worldwide. She is also involved in the park power performance analysis for the operating wind parks which are supervised by EuroCape. Prior to joining EuroCape, Aurélie was a key member of the wind park development division at Nordex France, where she developed wind measurements strategies for 2,500 MW’s of projects worldwide (Europe, Africa, Brazil and USA).

Qualifications: Eng. Dip. (France), Master of Sciences (UK)
Languages: French, English, Spanish

Lydie Rodrigues is the Head of Project Controlling and Finance. She is based at the company’s headquarters in Monaco. She has eight years experience in Project Finance and Project Controlling, four of which she acquired in the Finance and Sales department of Nordex France and Nordex Italy. As a controller at Nordex France, she set up the French controlling department and established the finance department at the new subsidiary in Rome. Lydie was further involved in the sale of 180 MW of projects (17 SPC‘s) in France with an EV of more than €250 million.

Qualifications: Masters in Management and Finance
Languages: English, French

Dr. Laurent Laporte is the Head of EuroCape’s Business Development Activities. He is based in EuroCape’s Monaco office. As part of his role at EuroCape he was also assigned as interim country manager for Poland and Italy. He has extensive technical and business experience in the renewable energy industry gained over the past ten years. Prior to joining EuroCape, Dr. Laporte was Head of Project Development for Nordex AG in Belgium, where he was responsible for development activities and built up a team which managed a portfolio of projects of over 400 MW. He was also involved in Nordex’s first wind energy development activities in the USA. Previously, he was a Wind Assessment Engineer at EDF R&D, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world. In 2009, he was a Lecturer at EWEC 2009.

Qualifications: PhD in Environmental Sciences (École des Ponts ParisTech, France), Dipl. Eng. (École Centrale, France), Msc. (TU Berlin Germany)
Languages: French, English, German

Olivier Marchand is the Head of Construction and Operation of all EuroCape’s wind projects. Based in the Monaco head office, he has extensive technical and management experience in the wind business gained over the past ten years. Prior to joining EuroCape, he was a senior Project Manager at Nordex AG and responsible for numerous construction contracts for wind farm infrastructure works. This included the supply and installation of the wind turbines. He was also responsible for technical Coordination and Group process implementation for Nordex’s Italian project managers. He successfully completed projects involving several hundreds of installed MWs of wind turbines across Europe, including a major project in Italy of 100MW. His experience includes dealing with civil work and electrical engineering solutions, as well as with crane and general logistics.

Qualifications: Eng. Dip. Arts et Métiers, ParisTech (Paris)
Languages: French, English, Italian

Peter O’Brien is the Country Manager of Ukraine. He is based in EuroCape’s Kiev offices and also oversees all operations and project development in EuroCape’s offices in the Zaparosha region. Mr. O’Brien has extensive business and project development experience in Europe and the Ukraine, where he has been based for more than fifteen years. He was previously employed by ECE Projekt Management GmbH in Hamburg, by ORCO in Luxembourg, Rodamco in Rotterdam, and NCH Capital in New York.

Qualifications: Masters of Business Administration, INSEAD; BA, Wesleyan University (USA)
Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

Adrien Fouchet is the Country Manager of Poland. He is based in EuroCape’s Warsaw offices. He has over ten years of experience in the renewable energy industry in France, Poland and the Ukraine. He started his career at Nordex France in 2006 focusing on development. Adrien became the head of Polish project development for Nordex Polska in 2008. He successfully implemented the development strategy, the team and a pipeline that delivered 30 to 70MW permitted of wind farms every year. Prior to joining EuroCape he successfully implemented the development strategy for Beten Engineering in the Ukraine which provides consulting and development services for international wind farm developers.

Qualifications: Diploma of École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes specialization Business International
Languages: French, German, English, Polish, Russian

Bertrand Badel is the Country Manager of France. He is based in EuroCape’s office in Montpellier. He has extensive technical and business experience in the renewable energy industry gained over the past ten years. Prior to joining EuroCape, Bertrand was the Head of Project Development at Enercon GmbH, a leading worldwide wind turbine manufacturer, where he was responsible for setting up the Enercon GmbH office in Rennes (Brittany, France), management and development of Enercon’s portfolio of wind energy projects. Previously, he was project manager for P&T Technologie.

Qualifications: Master Expertises des Problématiques Environnementales (France)
Languages: French, English