EuroCape New Energy Limited is offering you its expertise and experience in the following fields:


Technical and Commercial Operation of wind parks

EuroCape New Energy is currently managing four wind parks in France and a wind park in Romania. We offer the following services to the market:

  • Health and safety
  • Documentation management
  • Compliance with permits and the law
  • Tax and insurance
  • Plant technical operation
  • Plant performance analysis
  • Energy production – invoices
  • Dispatching management
  • Contract and claims management
  • Commercial management

Please contact Laurent Laporte for further information.


Wind Park Performance Premium package

Within our Technical and Commercial Operation contract we already offer performance analysis. However, EuroCape also has a special package which conducts a more in-depth analysis into turbine performance:

  • Pitch angle corrections
  • Blade aerodynamic improvements
  • Power curve measurements

Please contact Laurent Laporte for further information.