Project Development

EuroCape has extensive experience in Wind Park Project Development in France, Poland and the Ukraine. EuroCape is unique as it is recognised as major developer in all of these markets.

  • Maintaining excellent contacts with municipalities and landowners are the foundation of good project developments. As such we are part of the local development policy in all of these countries. Becoming key players in the local economy by providing economic growth and jobs.
  • Respect for the environment is our priority since we are developing green energy. To achieve this we ensure all our projects go through rigorous environmental impact assessments with independent third parties. We ensure our projects are surveyed by the best specialists in each country and are in accordance with all national laws as well as international best practices.
  • Developing high quality projects is in our DNA. We focus on high wind projects and advanced turbine technology. Energy efficiency is important to save our limited natural resources.

Wind and Power Expertise

From the early stages of project development to wind park operation, our wind and power expertise allows us to predict, calculate and analyse wind speeds and energy production from wind turbines.

  • On ground wind measurement campaigns are necessary to understand the terrain, calculate the effects this will have on the wind flow and better optimise our project layout.
  • EuroCope uses the latest technology for calculating the long term energy production. The multi-models approach allows EuroCape to reduce the uncertainty of the calculation, even in more complex terrain.
  • Thanks to wind park energy production analysis, EuroCape can determine if the turbines are working properly as guaranteed by the manufacturer. This allows us to optimise the turbines settings to reduce loads and improve reliability.


EuroCape has been financing in-house wind parks and acquisitions for 10 years. We have a strong knowledge of the wind energy banking market in each of our countries and have developed the expertise to optimise the returns of our assets.

  • We are putting bank financing in place for the construction and the operation of the wind parks in all our countries, with commercial and institutional banks. EuroCape also renegotiates loans for third parties wanting to restructure the financing of their wind assets.
  • We acquire wind parks either for our strategic vision or for third parties, like funds and private equity investors.
  • We are used to cooperating with international institutions such as EBRD, IFC or KfW.


EuroCape is leading the project management of the construction for its wind parks as well as third party wind parks.

  • EuroCape has managed the BOP of over 200MW in a 10 year period. EuroCape optimises cable design, access roads and foundations with efficiency and quality in mind.
  • Our construction teams have extended experience in France, Italy, Poland, Romania and in the Ukraine. EuroCape has its own network of the best professionals in each country to ensure civil work, electrical work, safety and punctual execution of the projects.
  • Through efficient tender management we can get the best CAPEX for the projects, maintaining the best quality and the respect of the highest standards.


EuroCape performs the technical and commercial management of our developed wind farms and also for third parties. We are the experts at linking the investor/owner and the turbine manufacturer responsible for turbine maintenance. We know the turbines and we know how to assess their performance. We carefully follow daily production at the sites we are responsible for. Based on this data we propose improvements for the turbine settings and we minimise the maintenance downtimes.

  • EuroCape analyses the performances of the parks and constantly looks for opportunities to improve production
  • EuroCape also offers a Production Forecasting service to third parties
  • High quality monthly and yearly analysis allows investors to easily understand how the revenues are generated and have a detailed picture of the farm’s energy production
  • EuroCape also provides full administrative assistance to the client SPVs